Four OOTDs, Four Getaways—Find Your Weekend Style!

August 19th, 2016 at 2:00am

For anyone working this summer, sometimes your uniform or dress code can put you into a routine of only reaching for work-appropriate wear. If you’re like me and by the time your days off roll around you’ve forgotten how to dress for time off, these Style Gurus have you covered.

Get some major location envy and outfit inspiration from these writer’s photos, and take to the streets, beaches or restaurants yourself!

1— City Sightseeing (Photo via @shelbyshowell)


Exploring a city allows you to pull out all the stops with your outfit. Keep your color scheme simple and make sure your outfit details stand out; especially those must-have trend pieces. You’ll always look effortless and cool whether you’re checking out a speciality café, walking around a museum or grabbing the perfect OOTD photo. (Photo via @iammasima)


2—Cottage Living (Photo via @emilydcole)


Cottage living requires comfort, which doesn’t have to necessarily mean board shorts and a crew neck T-shirt. Bodysuits are a great base to any pair of cozy high-waisted denim shorts. You’ll be ready to lounge and grab some sun while maintaining your fashion standards. (Photo via @br.iana)


3—Beach Day (Photo via @oliviapienta)


One-piece bathing suits are back! Perfect for hanging out, playing beach volleyball and swimming, of course. A flattering piece for every body type, these bathing suits can make a great bodysuit for when you leave the water. (Photo via @coll_sullivan08)


5—Brunch Time (Photo via @sassofstyle)


Brunch doesn’t have to be a fancy affair, sometimes it’s the only thing that can cure any aftermath of a night out. But, it’s always important to look put-together when when heading out—add interesting textures and detailed pieces instead of going all out with dress code. This Style Guru’s fringe skirt is eyecatching and works well with her light knit top; the hat is a perfect accessory to add intrigue.  (Photo via @triciaacacho)