STYLE ADVICE: Winter Pieces for Spring

Let’s all be real with ourselves for a second. There’s no better feeling than cuddling up on a cold day in your favorite sweatshirt and being able to relax in comfort. Well, what if I told you there was a way to wear something so cozy out in public and still look fashionable, even in the spring? This is where I suggest the sweatshirt dress.

Sweatshirt dresses are the epitome of “comfy chic.” Though sweatshirts are generally a winter piece, as mentioned in my description above, there are ways to incorporate them into your spring wardrobe. By having a sweatshirt in dress form, your legs are free so that you won’t overheat when the weather is warm.

There are countless ways to accessorize an outfit like this, whether you want to make it look girly and flirty or casual and street-chic. Some options for a more laid-back look, as sported by this Fashionista, could be adding sneakers, or even a baseball hat. If you’re more interested in a glam type of look, I suggest accessorizing with some sparkly bangles or a ring that looks expensive but is actually totally affordable.

In my opinion, this outfit could be worn for a multitude of occasions. Do you have a music festival to hit up this month? A party with your best friends? Finals week? Wear a sweatshirt dress. You’ll look chic while still being comfortable so you can have fun (or be able to concentrate during your finals instead of suffocating in your skinny jeans) and be worry-free.