How To Transition From Winter Outings to Summer Nights

It’s almost summer but that doesn’t change that fact that black is still in!

It’s easy to transition some of your favorite winter wear from snow days to summer days with just a few switches. Black jeans can be switched to crop jeans, or when it gets too hot, black shorts. Crop jeans are a perfect option for summer activities, especially if you’re going out on the town at night. Add a few rips and you’re set for style.

Next you have your sweaters. I know, we all have this love-hate relationship with sweaters. You love them all and packing them away means summer is here, but packing them away also means you can’t wear your favorite looks until next year, or that’s what you thought. Grab some of your lighter sweaters and pair them with crop jeans like this Fashionista did or even with a pair of shorts. That is one of my favorite looks for those cool summer nights. This Fashionista has paired this outfit with an iconic pair of black booties that add a little height and match the tone of her outfit. You could even pair it with a cute pair of sandals or even black flats. Add some metallic jewelry and you are set for a look that will kill. She has a silver statement necklace matched with rings that stand out.

Lastly, the beauty techniques really make this look stand out. She has beach waves in her hair, letting it go free so that it doesn’t take away anything from her outfit. She has paired that with winged eyeliner, neutral eyeshadow, and a natural lip allowing her outfit to be the main focus, but at the same time, looking flawless.

This Fashionista is ready for the transition to summer nights and her style screams it all. From her outfit to her jewelry to her natural makeup, she is ready to conquer it all. Remember, it isn’t that hard to switch your winter wardrobe to your summer one, you just have to know what to pair things with. How would you transition from a winter to a summer look? Let us know in the comments below!