STYLE ADVICE: When in Doubt, Wear Black

STYLE ADVICE: When in Doubt, Wear Black

In the winter, we fill up our closets with leggings and jeans, jackets and cardigans, Ugg boots and booties—you name it! Knowing that Colorado has crazy weather, many of us don’t find it very easy finding the perfect outfit. Colorado may be cold, but Mother Nature has been blessing us with some warmth this year.

On this warm day, a friend of mine found it a bit hard to pair up a outfit, as we had all experienced some of the coldest winter days a few days ago. In that case, Jocelyn thought of wearing all black, with a splash of some more different, neutral colors. Jocelyn’s outfit may be very simple, but let me tell you why it is such a great choice for this day.

All black! You can never go wrong with all black. As a fashionable person herself, this Fashionista loves to try on black outfits whenever she’s unsure about what to wear. I very much agree with her choice. Black is artistic. It is classy and elegant. You can never go wrong with all black because it never runs our of style. I also believe that anybody can rock black in all four seasons.

For Jocelyn’s relaxed, fun look for the day, she wore some black, high-waist pants, and a black turtleneck crop top. She then added a cream, long sleeve cardigan, and some black, floral pair of shoes. For a simple look, she only wore her belly button ring for jewelry.

This outfit portrays the brilliant idea of wearing black when you have o idea what to wear! With a pop of color, or more black, you are good to go!