STYLE ADVICE: What To Wear When Traveling

The holiday season is an amazing time full of family, fun, and food. Unfortunately, now it is officially the new year (happy 2017!) and it is time to get back into reality. Whether you are traveling for work or planning trips for the spring, here are some tips on how to look cute and feel comfy when getting on that long flight!

Traveling is so much easier when you don’t have to worry… trying to fit all my clothes in one suitcase is already stressful enough. Because of that, high-waisted leggings are always my go-to when going on a trip. They are comfy, cute, and go with basically everything so you never have to stress about picking an outfit. I paired these leggings with a beige oversized sweatshirt. The oversize baggy T-shirt has been in fashion a lot in the last few months and is the perfect shirt to keep you warm on that cold plane ride. With both of these outfit pieces, not only will you look good, but you’ll also feel good!

Even though I love makeup, when I travel I try to keep it minimalistic. Because of that, I wear sunglasses with large frames. They are a great way to cover my imperfections and keep me looking chic! I always carry a pair with me in my travel bag so I will be good to go when I get off the plane. That being said, I try to pick a travel bag that is small and easy to carry so there will be no hassle getting on and off my flight. Mini backpacks are a perfect option because they have been all the rage lately, they won’t fall off your shoulders, and they and will keep you traveling light. Lastly, for shoes I went with my favorite everyday sneakers, my black Nike Roshes. They are sleek, comfortable, and essential for when I am constantly on the move.

All of these items with keep you not only looking good while traveling, but also feeling good! Safe travels everyone and happy 2017!