STYLE ADVICE: Vintage Rocker

In today’s society the social norm has shifted to create a growing popularity for a unique individualized fashion sense, as opposed to a “black and white” outlook of what is considered in style and out. Today, it is considered trendy to thrift your wardrobe and personalize your look. This can make constructing your style a lot more fun! Whether you are dressing up or dressing down, there are plenty subtle tricks to express your unique style.

This Fashionista added some magic to her outfit by mixing the prints of her striped top with her cheetah/denim reversible coat. When you have two risky coinciding looks, it is a good idea to balance your look with a strong yet simple piece. As you can see, the black overlaid dress played this role by perfectly unifying the coat and top. As for the jewelry used for this look, this Fashionista pulled off a tricky technique. It’s easy to make the mistake of overdosing on rings and accessories. However, the plethora of rings used by this stylish student added a cool rock-star vibe. This is a look that can only be pulled off with very simple rings that have a unifying factor, such as the silver makeup and circular theme. Pins are another new trend we are seeing more of everyday. Not only does adding pins and buttons give your look a burst of color, it will add detail to whatever outfit you are sporting. Pins also allow you to show your support for social issues you hold dear, as we see this Fashionista doing! Finally, this look is finished off with some classic little booties, which ties this look together and gives our cute crusader a classy and individualized vibe.