February 14th, 2017 at 2:00am

As a student who faces harsh winters, the transition from warm to cool weather must be mastered. The University of Toronto Mississauga Campus is full of students who value style and aesthetic just as much as they value their education. I’m excited to share the outfits I find throughout my last semester as an undergrad, so I’ve started off on a strong note with this Fashionista.

I didn’t just photograph this Fashionista because she’s a close friend. I photographed this Fashionista because she’s effortlessly stylish and might I add, gorgeous.

She’s wearing a neutral blue slate as I like to call it. Cool tones are like the winds of the season, even down to the light grey duster. This get-up is my definition of a uniformFashion girls around the world rely on the button-up and denim combo, but there are ways to vamp it up.

That is where we become “untucked.”

Leave your last few buttons on the striped shirt undone so you can make a clean tuck with one side of the shirt. The key to achieving the relaxed vibe is to opt for an oversized button-up. I find that denim is the best type of pant to pair with this look because it helps to refine everything. It’s even better if your denim is unique–maybe with rips, tears or embroidery. White or tan sneakers will help this look remain minimalistic and effortless.

Another great thing about his uniform is that it can be mastered with a small budget, or taken up a notch if you’re willing to shell out more!