STYLE ADVICE: Traditions

As a first year student at Meredith College, I have come to learn that Meredith is not just a college, it is a sisterhood. Meredith is prided on the many traditions that make it unique and in turn, loved by many. Big sister/little sister is one tradition in particular that I love. Upon coming to Meredith, students are paired up with an upperclassman to help their transition into college life become easier. Students are not only gaining a mentor, but a friend. My big sister just so happens to be this months featured Fashionista. Her outfit on campus was just too cute.

I love the fact that this Fashionista’s look is neutral. Neutral colors are great because not only can they be paired with anything, but they also work fabulous together. This Fashionista’s top is so flattering. This cream lace top is light and fresh while providing a feminine and carefree vibe. Lace is a classic and is always in style. Do what this Fashionista did, and pair a lace top with your favorite jeans. These jeans in particular are great because they have fringed ends at the bottom, making them fun and in style. Throw on some lace-up, neutral toned flats, and you’ll be good to go.

Another tradition at Meredith is one that is anticipated from the moment you first step on campus. Junior year students are awarded an Onyx ring. This ring signifies unity and truly links the sisterhood together. This Fashionista is proudly wearing her Onyx! To accent the Onyx, she is wearing beaded earrings. Follow in this Fashionista’s footsteps and showoff your bling!