STYLE ADVICE: The Statements

March 21st, 2017 at 2:00am

Statements are the ultimate way to complete an outfit. Whether it be a necklace, shoes, or a hat, statements definitely go a long way when it comes to a look. There’s something about putting together pieces and reaching for those not-so-normal accessories instead of something more… basic. I’ve found that wearing a statement piece requires serious bravery. But wearing several statements? Courageous. Not going to lie, I’ve seen this Fashionisto several times throughout campus with the most awesome outfits. His collection of statement pieces seems never-ending, including a pair of rad Cuban heels. The hat, the glasses, the wool coat, and the boots all show off his ability to be daring and his personal style all at once.

Hats are a great way to add zest into a dull outfit. This Fashionisto wears a wide brim pork pie hat, which is my personal favorite of his outfit. It gives off a “hipster” vibe, but I also love how the black hat matches the black coat because it really balances the whole look. If you’re not into hats, no biggie! Other kinds of accessories are a great way to make a statement.

Digging deeper into his hipster persona, he pops on his thrifted glasses. Funky patterns and colors on a pair of glasses: What’s not to love? If anything, I think these are the easiest statement pieces to wear. If it’s sunny, just pop on some cheeky sunglasses, and if it’s cloudy, just slip on a pair with cool frames and clear lenses.

The wool coat and boots are both for statement and for practical purposes. It’s been getting even windier and rainier in Seattle, which is a huge thumbs down. But it’s a perfect excuse to layer statement coats, like his, and wear statement shoes, like Timberland boots. If you don’t like hats or glasses, there are so many other ways to style daring pieces. Necklaces, chokers, or rings, which have made their mark over the past year, are another perfect way to be bold. Find a statement piece that works for you and your style because they’re a definite eye-catcher.


  • Kaitlin Yau

    A Seattleite and die-hard shopping addict, I love to be on top of the latest beauty products and fashion trends. Social Media Fellow for college fashionista.