STYLE ADVICE: The Power of a Versatile Wardrobe

STYLE ADVICE: The Power of a Versatile Wardrobe

February is truly the month of love. Whether you’re busy with a hot date or running from Cupid’s arrow your February is probably chalk-full of making sweets, sending Valentines, and squeezing in some winter activities. All those plans can require several outfit changes, or better yet, a chic all-purpose outfit that can handle your busy schedule.

The key to a versatile outfit is wearing components that can be both dressed up and dressed down. This way you can be prepared for any changed or last minute plans that may come up.

This Fashionisto perfectly displays a versatile outfit. This ensemble is perfect for a long day of balancing all of your plans, while still being stylish person that you are.

To replicate this look start by grabbing your favorite pair of jeans and pairing them with a crew neck sweater. This Fashionisto’s leather boots can easily be incorporated into a relaxed outfit for the day and transformed into a more polished night look. A hat can be included in any outfit as long as you wear it with confidence like this Fashionisto does. For a date night look swap out that cozy jacket for a blazer and add a scarf.

So the next time your squad decides to plan a last minute ice skating trip right after you get off work, you will be ready and dressed for success! Or if you happened to miss out on a Valentine’s Day date don’t fret, with an outfit like this you’ll be ready to go anytime the opportunity strikes.