STYLE ADVICE: The Lazy Girl's Guide to Dressing Up

STYLE ADVICE: The Lazy Girl's Guide to Dressing Up

Does anybody else hate wearing pants as much as me? Hopefully you also feel my disdain for wearing pants, especially when there are countless options of other clothing choices. I commend you if you do like to wear pants—I strive to be at that level of actually wanting to wear pants someday. Now what’s the best lazy girl trick to not wearing pants? That is to wear a dress! The best thing when it comes to wearing dresses is that there are dresses for every occasion—whether you want to wear a casual T-shirt dress to class, or a maxi dress for a formal.

The best part about wearing dresses is that they make it seem like you spent time deciding what to wear when you could have, in reality, easily decided to wear it in less than five minutes when you were in a rush and couldn’t find anything else. This Fashionista opted for a floral T-shirt dress, which is great because you can never go wrong with florals during the spring! She added brown ankle boots, and a cardigan to complete her look. Her dress also has an open back which she added a touch of detail by wearing a bralette to show off the back. She accessorized her look by adding a choker and cat-eyed mirrored sunglasses, which are both currently major trends.

So when you are in a rush and don’t know what to wear, take some inspiration from the Fashionista above! The best thing about this look is how versatile it can be—you can choose a skater dress and Converse instead, or whatever your heart desires. You get to make the look your own. So for the next time that you wake up late but still want to look cute, opt for a dress!

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