STYLE ADVICE: Spring Fashion has Sprung

As spring approaches, we are teased with its confusing warm weather. You may also start to feel the pressure to put forth effort to achieve a street style outfit. When it comes to a spring outfit, I personally like to keep it simple. With a simplistic look, you can easily wear the outfit to class, a group meeting, and even a brunch date with minor alterations.

This Fashionista is a perfect example of a majorly chic and comfortable look. As I mentioned in a previous article of mine, I have a strong amity towards off-the-shoulder pieces of clothing. If you’re less than ready to embrace the warm weather, don’t fear, spring 2017 fashion trends point to the one shoulder top or dress. I recommend either trend to subtly embrace the spring season.

I also love any outfit where I can wear a pair of sneakers interchangeably. This Fashionista combined her everyday go-to items, including her favorite aviator sunglasses, to create a flirty and comfortable look. Although it may be hard to part from your favorite pair of Adidas Superstars or New Balance sneakers, don’t be afraid to sport a pair of gym sneakers. Paired with a spring-like dress, a relaxed look transpires.

At the end of the day, I truly believe if you’re comfortable in an outfit, your mood and personality will blossom just in time for spring. With a simple outfit, you can easily add accessories or add none at all to cater to your specific style.