STYLE ADVICE: Spring Break

Midterms are over, and everyone is finally on spring break. It’s March, and the time has finally come. During this time most students head to the beach to enjoy the warmer weather. Spring break seems like a holiday to most college students. It is a time where students get to spend time with their friends and family and not worry about any school work. Spring break is that perfect second semester break where you can just let your hair down and relax before you have to start worrying about finals and, for seniors, graduation.

Spring break is all about warm weather, cute clothes, hanging out, and relaxation. When you are packing for a week-long trip or looking for a cute spring-ready look for the day, keep this Fashionista’s look in mind. Her look embodies the four elements mentioned above perfectly. She is wearing a spaghetti strap maxi dress. I think at some point every Fashionista has worn a maxi dress on her spring break vacation. The chevron and paisley prints on the dress are so appealing. The colors of the dress really have a way of complementing one another.

To add to this look she threw on a statement necklace. Her necklace could not go unnoticed. Its rhinestones shine so bright in the sun light, and the teal panels go perfect with her dress. This look is great for walking along the beach or going out with friends. This outfit is perfect for spring. She chose to keep her makeup simple and fresh. This lovely Fashionista is wearing minimal foundation and concealer. She added falsies and a subtle pink eye shadow to her lids to make the cool tones in her dress pop even more.