STYLE ADVICE: Snug Schoolgirl

Happy April guys and girls, or as I’d like to call it, April Fool’s Month—why have only one day when you can celebrate throughout the whole month?

Anyhow, this month I caught up with a Fashionista on my campus, and when it comes to fashion, I can say with certainty that she is anything but a fool.

The early months of spring in California are a mystery, as it is scorching hot one day and instantly freezing the next, which is exactly why this Fashionista decided to pair a delicate white top and a blue and black plaid skirt with a cozy gray cardigan, just in case it got cold later on in the evening.

Having a full day’s worth of classes ahead (oy vey!), she knew to pair her schoolgirl outfit with comfortable white Adidas sneakers, sporting a golden detail on the sneaker’s tongue, as well as a pair of black opaque tights, rather than short socks, to perfect the look. Of course, the petite but trusty black bag must never be forgotten; this Fashionista utilized her bag to hold her phone and tinted lip balm for the occasional touch-up. A few subtle romantic waves, a pin to bring her bangs to the side, and she was out the door, ready to start her day.

This Fashionista without a doubt tackled two birds with one stone when choosing her outfit as she looked quite chic and snug. Give her look a try while the weather still allows, or give it a twist of your own to make it summer-ready!