STYLE ADVICE: Simple Street Style

STYLE ADVICE: Simple Street Style

Street style and urban wear are two of the most popular trends in fashion right now. Thus the new catwalk is the sidewalk.  A simple statement jacket or colorful sneakers can amp up any outfit. Throw on a leather baseball cap and denim joggers to add even more flair. This trend is open to both Fashionistas and Fashionistos alike, making it very attainable.  Anyone can be a street style star with a few fun items like bomber jackets, baseball caps, cool denim pieces, joggers, crisp sneakers, and fun statements accessories.

This Fashionisto perfectly captured the basics behind urban wear. Urban wear is all about wearing outwear and accessories with edge, on top of simple pieces like a T-shirt or denim. This Fashionisto started with such simple pieces—a black T-shirt with a striped white collar and black cinched denim jeans. The black tones of the pieces create a perfect background for his accessories to pop against. When wearing street style, be sure to make your accessories and statement pieces the focus, while leaving the basics of your outfit very simplistic.

The edge in his outfit comes from his maroon and black accessories that are the epitome of street style. Following the pattern of black accessories, he adds sophistication to his urban outfit with black lace-up oxfords. This adds style to an already trendy outfit.

The real statement pieces in his outfit are his maroon bomber jacket and embroidery baseball cap. The maroon bomber jacket is an amazing piece that is fundamental of a street style inspired outfit. The bomber jacket has silver detailing found in the zippers and button appliqués, which reflects against the maroon coloring. The Fashionisto’s embroidery baseball cap has white with black stitching emblazed with the Puma logo and design.

This Fashionist’s look is cool and edgy, making it the perfect example of street style. When wearing and creating an urban wear outfit, be sure to keep your simple pieces, like a pair of denim jeans and T-shirts, as the background to your accessories. Add spice to your outfit with bomber jackets, embroidery baseball caps, and any other cool accessories. Now you too can be just as stylish as this Fashionisto in your street style!