STYLE ADVICE: Simple and Clean

This Fashionista’s cute outfit can serve as a good example for some style advice! This look is very minimal and has a solid color scheme—two fashion quotas that many of my outfits follow. I had to capture the outfit because of its versatility and strength. I would consider this outfit versatile because the black color scheme and overall simplicity would make any added piece either complement the style and color or stand out from the style and color. The more colorful an added piece is, the more it would stand out thanks to the contrast, while the darker the addition the more complementary it would be. The strength in this outfit also comes from the uniformity of the color scheme and the simplicity of the outfit. This outfit is strong enough that it requires no other pieces to finish it off.

This Fashionista chose to wear a solid black T-shirt dress and black Converse sneakers. Converse are both trendy and familiar all while being a sensible pick to complement this outfit. These sneakers work because the contrast of the black with white shoe tips makes it a perfect accent to the black color scheme. She also had on accessories that included a Fitbit, rings, and bracelets, and her hair was styled into loose waves with the help of a curling wand. The Fitbit was an unintentional match to the outfit since this Fashionista wears it everywhere, but in this case it only strengthens the color scheme. The style advice to take from this article would be that minimalistic outfits can have enough strength to stand on its own or can be the base to an even more explosive outfit. You should also take away that color schemes should be chosen wisely because the color combinations can affect how strong an outfit can be.