STYLE ADVICE: Seasonal Transitions

As the seasons begin to transition from winter to spring, it can be difficult to find the perfect outfit. It can’t be too warm because you might find yourself sweating in class, but it can’t be too cold or you’ll be shivering all day! Finding an outfit that’s cute yet practical can be very difficult, especially with the confusing weather changes. One day it can be sunny and 30 degrees and the next it could be in the negatives–that’s Minnesota for you!

I found the perfect look as I navigated through the streets of my university. I spotted a Fashionista that had the seasonal transition fashion down perfectly. Her outfit was the perfect combination of warm and cool. Her neutral-colored sweater allowed for a slight breeze through her shoulder cut outs while still providing a layer of warmth. Her skinny jeans were the perfect shade to complement the sweater’s beautiful color while keeping her nice and toasty. Her brown booties and purse tied the entire outfit together. Not only did she do a great job with the main outfit, but the small details she added with her jewelry made the outfit go from good to great! To add some detail to her sweater, she layered three gold, dainty necklaces on top. Furthermore, she added gold rings and bracelets to continue the gold trend.

This Fashionista inspired me to dig in my closet and piece together clothing that could be versatile in warm or cold weather. Walking to class doesn’t have to be dreadful with the weather change, it can be easy and comfortable if you wear the right pieces!