Say it proud! As we finish up our midterms and oh so eagerly await our finals, a little school spirit can be just what we need to get us past that end of semester finish line. My advice: go treat yourself to a new school T-shirt or sweater. You’ll be surprised how many different great outfits you can create with a crewneck sweater. Dress it up or down for any occasion. This sweater or T-shirt you buy will serve your style needs and as memorabilia for years to come.

This Fashionista went for a more dressed down look. She’s cool, collected, and comfy. The rich red color in her outfit really makes it stand out. She paired her sweater with a semi loose-fitting pair of jeans and running shoes; a perfect combination for a New York City girl on-the-go. Her coat also caught my eye. The leather and peacoat combination meshes so well. At FIT, we have a our Style Shop. From time to time, they make contemporary pieces with our school’s name on them. I have a school spirit sweater of my own and often I pair it with a leggings or jeans. When I’m in the mood to push my style limits, I put my crewneck sweater together with a button down and a skirt. When I feel like dressing down, I put it on with leggings and and my favorite roshe runs.

Ok Fashionistas/os, go out there and show your school spirit! Always push your style boundaries and try new things!