STYLE ADVICE: Sarasota Street Style Spotlight

I’ve lived in Florida my whole life, and I’ve spent a lot of that time visiting other towns along our endless coasts. I’ve grown very accustomed to seeing the crop top and low waist shorts that adorned most of my peers’ in this mostly hot climate. My style is very different from this, so I am always caught off-guard when I spot someone else with a different style.  On a recent trip to Sarasota to visit a friend, I spotted this Fashionista slaying her personal style. She was on her way to dinner as I snapped these quick photos.

This outfit really exemplified how you can turn simple pieces into a trendy look for any occasion. It also was a wonderful reminder for me to get back into the thrifting game! This is a look that can be easily recreated after just one visit to a thrift store. The baby pink cropped hoodie and flirty glimpse of the CK underwear add a feminine feel to an otherwise tomboy-ish outfit.  Her Adidas Superstars and socks demonstrate a very grunge color-blocking technique that has been seen in current runway trends.  She finishes off the look with a Converse hat, circle-rimmed sunglasses, silver hoop earrings and a matte gray lipstick. All three accessories are super unique and to the area and made her stand out even more.

This Fashionista really caught my eye because of the wide variety of trends and aesthetic she included into one look. It was really cool to see how well it all fit together, especially considering the location. Most of us Floridians, I’ll admit, sometimes have a hard time knowing how to dress in the winter. I absolutely love seeing this kind of urban style in beach towns!