STYLE ADVICE: Retro Rewind

STYLE ADVICE: Retro Rewind

Fashion is truly a full circle. This saying has been proven true this season from the runways to street style—with a twist on retro trends mixed with modern style. Adding simple retro elements to your daily look will have you looking fresh off the runway.

This Fashionisto was super inspiring because he incorporated multiple details into his outfit to give himself the retro feel. Distressed, ripped jeans are one of the most seen trends lately and an easy way to bring your closet back to the past. Sometimes distressed jeans are hard to pair with a top because of the intense detail of the jeans. As this Fashionisto did, adding a basic colored, throwback band T-shirt looks great with the design of the jean as well as looking straight from a ’90s fashion magazine.

Throwback band T-shirts are one of my favorite factors of this retro trend. The T-shirts vary from numerous bands, to oversize, to distressed. The oversize look is definitely my go-to when picking out an outfit. I am all about comfort and these T-shirts are easy to just throw on with a ripped pair of jeans.

Adding to the simplicity of this Fashionisto’s look, a canvas bag is another big look being seen throughout the most recent seasons. It follows the trend of focusing on recycling and the environment. As a busy college student, a canvas bag allows you to throw everything in one bag and go.

One last simple add to this retro outfit, is the high-top all white tennis shoes. This is an item that has been seen throughout the decades, especially in the ’80s and ’90s.

When trying to follow the styles of past decades, it is easy to want to include all elements into one outfit, but it looks best when mixing one or two aspects into your outfit.