STYLE ADVICE: Refresh Your Winter Style

STYLE ADVICE: Refresh Your Winter Style

Here at Washington State University, winter was almost never ending. Day to day fashion was getting kind of dreary when there was only one coat in most of our college budget closets, heavy duty enough to keep us warm in the freezing could of Pullman winters.

Thankfully, in the past couple of days the clouds have cleared and there is finally some cold but, sunny weather. Now is definitely the time to refresh a wardrobe with lighter jackets, layering, and unique details to make an outfit personal.

This Fashionista was spotted in downtown Pullman getting some coffee with her friends on Saturday. Her look is classic and timeless. In Pullman, a classic look is favored over trends. The closest trendy department stores are almost an hour away and by the time something makes it through the mail, the trend will probably be over.

Her utility jacket keeps her warm while adding color, instead of the same old black down jacket that has plagued every student on our campus. Underneath her jacket, her cable knit mock sweater adds another layer of warmth. On top, her plaid scarf gives extra warmth for the winter breeze at WSU. Finally, her necklace and gloves add a more personalized touch to her look.

This Fashionista is ready for a coffee date with her friends while not completely blending into the crowd. Her look is warm, cozy, and perfect for those of us who go to schools where spring hasn’t hit us yet. Have a fabulous February and stay warm fellow Fashionistas!