STYLE ADVICE: Ready for the City

STYLE ADVICE: Ready for the City

This photoshoot happened on a rooftop; it was quite the adventure! Our Fashionista’s outfit screams “ready for the city.”

To be ready for a city-adventure, it’s important to stay warm and comfortable. Our Fashionista took classic pieces and managed to make a bold statement. Wearing a chunky turtleneck in a neutral color such as navy, classic black skinnies, and little black booties, our Fashionista managed to stay comfortable and cozy. The turtleneck is simple and loose, and our Fashionista wears skinny jeans to avoid looking boxy. The dainty and complimentary earrings are my personal favorite; they dress up a casual outfit by adding a bit of sparkle to it.

Our Fashionista is usually the one behind the camera, but now we get to take a peek at her personal style. When asked about her personal style, our Fashionista expressed how she felt inspired by bohemian fashion. She draws artistic inspiration from nature and the tranquility found within it. Our Fashionista manages to send calm and collected vibes with an outfit that is perfect for taking a stroll downtown.

Bohemian vibes are difficult to channel during the winter months, but hair is something that is easy to play with, and can really top off a look! Our Fashionista’s hair was recently dyed, and the color is vibrant; wearing neutral colors makes her hair color pop! Instead of simply letting her hair down, our Fashionista sends a cool, calm and collected vibe by putting her hair in a loose half-braid.

It’s important to remember that you can make darker and cooler colors work, even if you’re channeling a peaceful earthy vibe. Take a risk, and stay away from the greens and browns for a change! Grays, blacks and navy blues can send calm vibes that remind us of cooler elements in the environment. Don’t forget, you’re allowed to play with neutrals!

Style advice of the week? Take (fashion) risks on your next adventure in the city! Ready, set, go!