STYLE ADVICE: Rainy Day Athleisure

STYLE ADVICE: Rainy Day Athleisure

Over the course of my now four semesters as a college student, I have learned so much about myself and my surroundings. Constantly facing new experiences has taught me the importance of adapting, to make sure I can efficiently juggle all the aspects of my life away from home. Most often I am able to find this balance. However, it’s impossible to prepare for every curveball life can throw at us, on both a big and small scale.

These situations, such as a rainy and chilly spring day, may appear to be minor at first, and then show that they play a part in affecting one’s day on many levels. So, with that being said, figuring out an outfit that is just right for a day of far from ideal weather and several classes is totally a challenge. It’s important to feel comfortable walking around campus and while in class when the weather isn’t great. A lot of the time this means that a pair of skinny jeans may not be the most desirable choice.

If this wasn’t enough to consider whilst throwing on clothes in the morning with very limited time to get to class, and most likely a roommate that doesn’t want to be woken up by the commotion, think again! I’m talking about motivation to workout. A rainy and windy spring morning is not the most motivating scenario for working out, yet working out is something that would help to keep energy levels high on a gloomy afternoon.

The athlesiure boom provides a perfect answer to both of these problems. Luckily, it has become socially acceptable to wear athletic wear all day every day, which is something I suggest using to your advantage. Not only is athletic wear totally comfortable, but the styles and designs on the market have really upped their antes making the clothing flattering and fun.

Athleisure done right is exactly what the smile on this Fashionista’s face demonstrates! She embodies the perfect combination of sporty and trendy in a pair of pattern leggings, a strappy black workout top, black and white sneakers, and a rain coat (not pictured), along with her for the on and off again rain showers.

I found this Fashionista on her way back from class and on her way to the gym. It’s true that dressing the part has an influence on the way we think and act. We are more inclined to follow through with working out after already wearing the required clothing. This positive influence is one of the many reasons why athletic wear is my rainy day go-to style.