STYLE ADVICE: Quick and Quirky

January 12th, 2017 at 2:00am

A Saturday filled with brunch, shopping and exploring is a Saturday well spent, but the best way to do this is by looking and, most importantly, feeling your best. For a busy Saturday, it’s important to be comfortable while you eat, walk, shop and spend time with your friends and family. This Fashionista achieved this level of comfort perfectly, while still incorporating her quirkiness into this look.

At first glance, her outfit looks complex. In reality, she threw it on in under five minutes—but she still looks adorable and extremely well put together. Her polka-dotted trousers are the focal point of this look. They’re quirky, fun, and perfect for the weekend. Plus—they’re more comfortable than a pair of jeans (which is a huge perk if you’re going to be eating a big brunch). Her high socks and Converse play into the eccentric look that she’s going for. Her maroon top breaks up the otherwise neutral color scheme, and her jacket is necessary for the chilly weather.

This Fashionista actually scored this vintage Calvin Klein denim jacket at a local thrift store—again adding something unique to her casual weekend look. While a lot of her pieces are very different, they somehow all work together, which is an important piece of advice to take into consideration. Never be afraid to piece together items that you wouldn’t think necessarily go together (like a thrifted jacket and polka-dot pants). Often time, you’ll create a fun look just like the one this Fashionista is rocking!