STYLE ADVICE: Peppy and Preppy

While I know significantly less about men’s fashion than women’s fashion, I still know what works and what does not: for the guys, it is really all about establishing your style. Whether that is a preppy look, or a sporty look, I find that guys typically tend to stick to a certain style of dress once they have established what they want that to be.

This Fashionisto has a preppy style, usually consisting of J.Crew chinos and a button-down shirt from Uniqlo. Today, he is wearing his dark blue pair of chinos and a light blue button-down. Since today was chillier than most, he added a dark gray sweater vest from J.Crew over it. His signature wool tan coat is from H&M, and his boots are from ASOS. For any guy, it is integral to have a good pair of pants, especially if your style tends to be more preppy and put together. This Fashionisto prefers J.Crew for its quality and its variety of colors; he says he owns four or five different pairs in a variety of colors, from beige to blue to black.

Something else that is integral to a guy’s wardrobe is a good pair of shoes—not sneakers, shoes. Every guy needs a solid pair of desert or Chelsea boots to put on when they wear chinos or pants. A mistake plenty of guys make is gravitating towards sneakers—while Stan Smiths or Nike Flyknits are appropriate for a sportier look, they definitely look strange when paired with a button-down shirt and pants!

Another tip for guys looking to be preppy is to own a wool coat. I often find that a wool coat, tan or black, can make your entire look seem put together. It really gives off the impression that you know exactly where you are going and what you want to do, and it is impressive if you happen to be going to an interview or meeting with professors.

Guys who are interested in fashion have it a lot harder if they want to change up their style. However, fashion is always about expressing who you are, so if you think the professor look, the skateboarder look, or the hipster look are for you, go for it! Make sure to get down your basics, and then, well, go wild.