As March rolls around with the warmer temperature, it is time for winter clothes to go back to the bottom of the closets. Before they do, here are some final words to quickly summarize how to rock simple winter outfits.

For those who prefer having a very simple, minimal wardrobe or are looking for an investment staple piece, a traditional overcoat is definitely the right choice. It is a long sleeved coat with a collar and lapels crafted from a heavy fabric such as wool. Being one of the most classic and flattering staples of menswear, it projects confidence and authority and enhances a man’s silhouette. As shown by the Fashionisto, the overcoat widens the shoulders, lengthens the body, and drapes over any problem areas. This is a perfect coat for the winter weather as it is made of thick fabric, which can help maintain your body temperature as well as protecting you from the rain or snow. Best of all, it can be easily dressed up or down for casual or formal wear. The overcoat is a highly adaptable, good-looking, and functional garment—perfect as the ultimate statement piece for those chilly winter nights.

If you wish to add some personal flair to your statement piece, having a few small tweaks to your subtle overcoat can turn it into something more noticeable. The overcoat worn by the Fashionisto has a leather collar and a metal detail at the left lapel. The pockets also have added leather and metal zipper details, which help refine the overcoat with a touch of chicness. To wear it casually on a daily basis, the Fashionisto chose a light blue shirt, a pair of black jeans, and brown suede Chelsea boots for a simple and minimal outfit.

The fall/winter seasons are often rather daunting as the cold temperatures prompt people to bundle up in multiple layers. However, winter outfits can be easily styled with a few statement coats and other accessories such as scarfs and beanies. Who says you can’t stay stylish and warm during the cold days?