October 10th, 2016 at 2:06am

A few years ago, chokers were a thing of the past. The only time chokers were mentioned was when you were in a nostalgic state of mind and reminiscing on the beauty of the ’90s. Flash forward to 2016 and everyone has a choker. Every girl in college is sporting a choker, whether they’re wearing a casual or dressy outfit. Though we are all nostalgic about the ’90s, it does not mean we actually want to go back to the 90s. So instead of wearing the same chokers used back then, use a more modern one! This way you can be in style without feeling like you belong in the movie Clueless, even though I wouldn’t mind being in that movie at all.

This Bryant University Fashionista did the modern twist on chokers in a perfect manner. She is wearing a distressed denim choker. This choker cannot be found online because it is actually a DIY, making it more unique!  All you have to do is take an old pair of jeans, cut a strip, distress them with sandpaper and tweezers and voila! You can either tie it around your neck or add jewelry clasps on the back. It is super simple. Everyone has an old pair of jeans lying around their room: it’s time to put them to use! This choker brings in the modern style of 2016 with the denim but still stays true to the ’90s.

Pair the choker with a modern outfit to slay the day. This Fashionista wore a black T-shirt dress, which is necessary for everyone to own because of its versatility. It’s so easy to either dress it up or down. Along with the dress, she wore a denim button-down around her waist. This helped tie in the choker to the outfit. After the choker, the most amazing part of this outfit were the knee high boots. When I saw these boots on the Fashionista, it took my mind to the Balmain and Kanye West runway shows. Seeing her wear them convinced me that I needed multiple pairs in my life as well. She topped off the outfit with a pair of hoop earrings to add to the street style look.

Though bringing back styles from the past can be a little intimidating, don’t be afraid to do it! The first person who wore a choker after the 90s must have been judged, and now chokers everywhere again! As long as you’re confident about what you’re wearing, nothing else matters. Who knows, maybe you’ll start the next fashion trend. Just remember, the world is your runway.