Each and every one of us can admit that Gossip Girl is our biggest guilty pleasure. The scandals, the New York backdrop and of course the fashion are what draws us in and makes us spend hours on Netflix. Whether we’re a Blair or a Serena, they each had one thing in common for four years: the uniform. This Fashionista has created her own, giving it a modern day twist.

Removing the school crest and adding a nice, white trim to this blazer, the Fashionista ditches the school girl skirt and opts for shorts. She kicks on a pair of day to night lace-up boots, giving the Mary-Jane shoe a run for its money. Adding the tights transition what could be a summer or fall look, into a winter one. Lastly, the geometric necklace adds a personal touch, just like Blair does with the headband and Serena, the headscarf.

Of course, creating your own uniform doesn’t have to be literal. Finding your signature look is what college is for. Whether it be boyfriend jeans, funky shoes or a statement bag, having a uniform is all about wearing what suits you best and rocking it with the utmost confidence.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Try to get style inspiration from other eras or other people and make it your own, depending on what you’re into. I really love the ’80s, so I try to find pieces that represent that time and make it more modern by adding darker colors, like the blazer for example.”