March 7th, 2016 at 2:00am

I found this Fashionista on a warmer winter day, and she was taking advantage of the gorgeous warm temperatures. In addition to a striking, all-black outfit, this Fashionista was wearing a long-sleeve lace wrap that I felt really made her style stand out.

Rather than using a warmer day as a chance to wear a simple dress or fewer layers, this Fashionista adorned herself with a long-sleeve black lace wrap. Lace is often the perfect way to draw attention and all the detail and elegance to what would have been a simple outfit; and this is the perfect example of that. By layering the lace wrap over a normal T-shirt, this Fashionista takes her outfit from casual to unique. She also tied the lace wrap in the front for a cool, polished effect. It almost looks as if she could take this wardrobe to a professional meeting or interview, if we forget about the Johnny Depp T-shirt.

In addition to the lace wrap, this Fashionista also wore a pearl necklace, a professional black pencil skirt, and homemade button rings that make her entire outfit pop. She took what could have easily been a throwback to the emo teen years—a Johnny Depp shirt, dark lipstick and a silver star necklace—and added class and maturity using just a few simple details. The lace is what really ties the outfit together; it offers maturity and intricacy to what could have been a simple outfit for a warm mid-winter afternoon.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I wanted to experiment with wearing lots of accessories. To add a bit of fun to the outfit, I decided to wear a Cry Baby T-shirt with Johnny Depp’s face because I liked how the colors added to the feel of the look, while also bringing a goofy or lighthearted vibe. The T-shirt and the pencil skirt together add a hint of ’50s rocker feel to the look. In case that was not enough, I added a long-sleeve lace shirt to tie up in the front.”