STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Wrap Yourself In This Cozy Trend

Europe has always paved the way for new fashion crazes, and blanket scarves are no exception! These oversized scarves give you the best of both worlds. They are the perfect accessory for any cute winter outfit and are comfortable, like a soft, warm blanket that’ll help you battle the cold.

We have been fully immersed in the scarf trend for many years now. The constantly evolving styles defining this trend show how loved and unique scarves truly are. The great thing about scarves is the fact that they are not confined to one specific style. The use of different patterns, colors and textures allows for the creation of scarves that are desirable to a wide variety of Fashionistas/os.

The most recent desire amongst this scarf phenomenon is an oversized blanket scarf. This Fashionista flawlessly illustrates this trend through a richly colored plaid blanket scarf, which she pairs with an olive green winter coat. The oversized nature of the scarf makes it stand out as a staple piece in the outfit, rather than simply being a small accessory. This creates many new style options that can completely transform any outfit! The plaid design sported by this Fashionista is the perfect addition to a casual, everyday outfit, while more intricate designs on the scarf can work to dress an outfit up. It is this versatility that adds to the appeal of scarves. Wrapped up tight around the neck with a grungy leather jacket or left dangling along the openings of a long winter coat, these scarves can be tied in any fashion to complement your outfit. Oversized scarves create a chic, yet comfortable look, encouraging a trend that is both practical and fashionable.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Layering! Layering is the best way to make an outfit more interesting and to create different looks. Whether it is a scarf, sweater or flannel, layer your clothing in order to mix your favorite items and pull your look together.”