Let’s travel back in time to the ’90s. This is the decade of Velcro sneakers, hit clips, Mr. Potato Head and fanny packs. If you look closer at those pictures your parents got developed at the local store, you’ll see a key trend that is hotter than ever now. They may not be great for tan lines, but the shoe of the summer this year is none other than: Birkenstocks. These strappy, hard-soled sandals are the new boat shoe. You can pair Birkenstocks with just about anything. They are easy to wear, just slide them on and you’re good to go.

This Fashionista has taken her Birkenstocks just about everywhere: from hiking to walking through the city to dinner at night. Although they are a casual shoe, she paired her Birkenstocks with a maxi dress and a chambray shirt to make this daytime look versatile and cute.

Skeptical? At first I was too. I was still having PTSD from my Velcro sneakers. However, this shoe makes perfect sense. In the summer, you want a shoe that is easy to slip on and not constricting. That’s why most people go for flip flops. Unfortunately, flip flops have no support, which can leave your feet achy and blistered if you have done a lot of walking. That leads to my next point, if you’re anticipating walking a lot, no one wants to wear heavy, hot sneakers all day. Birkenstocks are a happy medium of comfortable, structured, light shoes that are great for almost any occasion. Add a pair of socks and you can wear them year round.

Birkenstocks come in the classic look, but also have cute new styles to try, like this cute ankle strap pair. Don’t knock them until you try them; you might just find that Birkenstocks are just right for you.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Birkenstocks are great for every occasion, they’re comfortable and cute. Make sure you’re comfortable in your clothes, because if you’re not, then no matter what, you won’t be confident in your outfit.”