When snow hits the ground, it’s the perfect time to bring white back. It’s not just a summer color used to accentuate a tan, but the perfect monochromatic reminder of warmer weather. This Fashionista’s coat is just a little off-white compared to her sweater, making her winter white statement even stronger. The texture of the coat is an added dimension highlighted by keeping the rest of her outfit simple, but not muted. Black leggings and moto boots streamline her look, keeping the focus on her outerwear.

This Fashionista keeps her accessories minimal, opting for a stylish take on the classic snow bunny look. She knows that dressing for the cold is just another style opportunity because when everyone’s outfit is covered by a coat and scarf, style comes out in the details. Her fun, mismatched, scarf and beanie set add a unique spin to offset the monocrome trend. She pairs her outerwear with small, colorful jewelry. The bright beads of her charm bracelets pop out against the white, and complement her outfit nicely. Dabbling in the winter white trend allows for more freedom when accessorizing, which is something she does well.

Winter whites are trendiest when the whites don’t exactly match up. Varying shades makes for easy layering, especially when the Fashionista keeps texture in mind. It’s easy to fall into a style rut when it gets cold, but this Fashionista focuses on the importance of layers when making a statement. A variation of this outfit would be to trade out the jacket for a white wool pea coat over a cropped, fuzzy sweater instead.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “ Play with your layers! It’s important to stay warm and cute.”