Although the first official day of spring is this Friday, the winter snow has decided to stay a little longer. With winter weather it’s always more difficult to keep warm while sustaining your fashion game. Some people try layering their clothes, while others wear huge puffy sweaters. However, one trend that’s easy to follow is the addition of a simple leather jacket to any outfit. Leather jackets are made for all types of weather, so there are many varieties to choose from.

I caught this Fashionista rocking a leather jacket on her morning commute to class. The faux fur on her jacket draws attention to it, adding texture to her outfit. To spice it up she added black pants, combat boots and a Longchamp tote to complete her look. Black and brown neutrals are great during the winter because they stand out against the white snow. The pop of purple from her purse adds a small amount of color, perfect for making the outfit more playful.

Her three studded earrings add an edge to create an overall bolder look. Simple accessories can easily personalize an outfit whether it’s a minor addition of a necklace, watch, bracelet or a few rings. Black leggings would also pair nicely with this combination, specifically leggings with a double layer for warmth—my favorite! Or throw on a simple pair of black skinny jeans. Change it up with the addition of a leather jacket and combat boots. If you don’t have a leather jacket yet, start your style watch now.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Just because it’s a little cold outside, don’t sport the sweatpants and sweatshirt look. There are plenty of ways to dress comfortable, warm and cute!”