In a world where making a cute outfit can feel more like a battle, just know that you are not alone. Looking at all your clothes, it’s easy to feel like you have nothing to wear. During those moments of duress, it is important revive that ol’ passion for fashion to look and feel your best. Sometimes it is hard to dress for the weather, like will it still be warm later? Is it going to rain in five seconds and destroy my fierce do? What is life? How is a Fashionista/o to go on with these totally serious questions buzzing around in their head? Finding a killer outfit doesn’t have to be a chore, just look to your favorite colors and allow the sass to flow on through my trendy people.

This fiery Fashionista chose to play in my favorite color palette for her ensemble, that being jewel tones. These rich colors can elevate any look to posh status. The key here is that she carried the ravishing wine shade in her top, shorts and all the way down to those fab gladiators. This creates a wonderful cohesion throughout the whole look, making the color pop. The rich green coloring in her tropical patterned shorts complements the dashing burgundy shade further allowing it to stand out as a dominating color. These colors just give a wonderful frame for all of the levels of sass that radiate from this fabulous Fashionista.

Not only are these colors totally flattering, they are bold and regal which makes them perfect for transitioning any outfit from summer to fall. For all those Fashionista/os who are just itching to break out their fall clothes, but aren’t ready to say goodbye to the shorts and tropical prints; using fall colors is your new go-to bestie! So go ahead play mix and match with the seasons and play with those bold jewel tones and you will have a rockin’ outfit that’ll have you strutting your stuff like a Victoria’s Secret model.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Think fierce, feel fierce, be fierce. It’s all about the attitude you can wear whatever you want, it’s your attitude that makes it work.”