Winter Break is coming to a close. The beautiful holiday hoopla is over, and the majority of us are reclining on the couch with the only activity of the day an outing to lunch with friends. This sounds to me a day in the life of an 80-year-old, a lovely day at that.

Refreshingly, this Fashionista had me thinking like a kid by reminding me of Max in Where the Wild Things Are with her fuzzy sweater coat. Furs and fuzzy shearling are in style, especially with the recent plummet in temperature across the nation. Despite the chill, this Fashionista remained fresh faced and snug in her ensemble.

Outerwear like this blonde betty’s took over the fall 2014 runways with, “Warm and Fuzzies” from Akris to Prada. What is wonderful about this trend is that because of classic elements, it comes back continuously in daring colors and structures. Your coat could be monochromatic, all over shearling or mixed matter—you name it. There is a wide variety from which to choose the coat that is best for you.

This Fashionista is queen of the cold weather kingdom in her very Max-like ensemble. The light-colored coat stands out against the black, and her textured hat is akin to a fashion crown. The neutrality of these pieces makes them incredibly versatile to use all season long. This Fashionista’s ensemble is particularly noteworthy because it evokes these ideas and connections to something inherent in clothing­—art. Her outfit is reminiscent of this famous children’s story, making it much neater than simply an incredibly chic ensemble.

Take your style to another level by getting inspiration from your favorite art, literature or film, and let your imagination take off. If this Fashionista is any indication, you’ll be king or queen of your kingdom.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “In the winter months, don’t be afraid to be daring with your cold weather clothing. Adding a unique hat or scarf can give an extra cute flare to your outfit.”