Fashionistas and Fashionistos, I have a trend for you this week that is sure to brighten your day (and your closet). Prints, patterns and bold colors are not a new design concept. The innovation here lies in how designers are treating these usually separate elements. They’re being combined and making for interesting and loud combinations that are bursting with personality. If you want your clothes to speak for you, this is certainly a style to pounce on. Yes, that pun was definitely intended.

This Fashionisto has nailed the trend. How? He stuck with a single color range (don’t be scared of complements!) and pared it all down with not so basic black. That shirt may be wild but the patterns are all related: the geometric black and gray print is cohesive to the shapes of the chains and is set off nicely by the bright blues and greens of the flowers on the sleeves. The texture on those black pants is also gorgeous! How to accessorize? A scarf, of course! One that mimics the same color scheme of the shirt. I love that it breaks up a rather busy look with its simplicity. It’s all a bit matchy but you’d never know at first glance!

This Fashionisto coordinated his pieces beautifully. I would probably never think to pair such contrasting pieces together. However, they work harmoniously. The pants, which are their own statement, add even more interest without distracting from the shirt, the clear focal point. It’s very confident, certainly on trend and makes a perfect case for a modern mixing of prints.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t be scared.”