STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Who Needs A Boyfriend?

I know this trend has been seen all over the place and it has been discussed many times, but I couldn’t help myself when I saw this outfit. This Fashionista created the perfect look around her statement piece: ripped, boyfriend jeans.

Due to the slouchy, almost homeless (in a good way?) characteristic that defines the boyfriend jeans, it is imperative that a Fashionista styles these trendy pants correctly. For a fancier, glamorous look, you could add a nice, white button-down, a pair of black pumps and a statement clutch to the jeans. Or, like this week’s Fashionista chose, you could dress your boyfriend jeans down for a more casual, yet still chic, look.

This plain, loose-fitting T-shirt was the perfect choice for these jeans. The stone gray color and the overall fit of the top complements the statement jeans perfectly. Also, this Fashionista slightly tucked the front of her T-shirt into her jeans, perfectly adding shape to the rather shapeless outfit. Plus, the slight tuck of the shirt draws more attention the entire length of the pant leg. Towards the bottom, this Fashionista chose black, low-top Converse for her footwear. Recently, sneakers have been added to more trendy outfits, giving the overall look a more laid back finish. With this look, these worn-in Converse are the perfect way to wrap up this casual, cool outfit.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I’ve only recently started developing my individual style and I’ve noticed I like to pair edgy pieces with basics”.