Black is the go-to color. Whether it be a simple blouse or a little black dress, black is the most favorable option. It may be because of the ultra slimming powers behind the color, or the instant confidence boost it gives when a Fashionista wears the color. But to say the least, black will always be the new black. The color always seems to reinvent itself in new fashion trends or capsuled in a timeless outfit number, like combining the classic and trendy black elements together to make the perfect article of clothing, the crop top.

The crop top is simple, trendy and classic enough to be worn in a variety of fashionable situations. It can be dressed up with a printed pair of culottes or dressed down like how this Fashionista exemplifies. This Fashionista rocks her RAD black crop top with a pair of high-waisted pants, a plaid flannel and a rocking pair of black gladiator sandals. This outfit seems great, but this Fashionista’s accessories intensify the edginess of the outfit. She wears a cool choker with a holographic cross-body bag. All of the subtle details that are incorporated into this outfit add to the sense of effortlessness and cool factor that this Fashionista emits.

The simplicity and edginess of the crop top has been a prominent element in fashion in recent years. After its resurrection for the fashion graveyard of the ’90s, the crop top seems to be a pivotal factor in 21st century fashion. This style been has been seen on Kendall Jenner or on Sex in the City, but remember when in black, opt for a crop top.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I own a lot of black clothing, but I like how having a black crop top can make an outfit feel put together. You can just throw it on and walk out the door because you know that you look on point.”