You may have heard before that the people of Kentucky do not wear shoes. This is not true. What is true, however, is that we have an abnormal obsession with boots. Take a look around the University of Kentucky’s campus on any given day and you would be hard-pressed to find a girl with anything other than leather riding boots on her feet. And though that may be fitting in a city famous for horses, it has started to become a bit overdone. Yet without these shoes, it can be difficult to stay warm and comfortable while walking around campus. So is it possible to prevent freezing toes without sacrificing originality? This Fashionista proves it can be done.

Dressed completely in black and white, this Fashionista sports an outfit free of complications. However, it is far from boring. Her fuzzy sweater and fringed scarf provide an interesting mix of textures to jazz up her simple black pants, while the graphic print of her sweater adds a lighthearted element and breaks up the otherwise solid-colored pieces. Although the ensemble is undeniably stylish, it would not be the same without its pièce de résistance: Dr. Martens.

Originating in the ’60s, Dr. Martens were once the poster child of self-expression and rebellion. In today’s world, fashion has no rules—so what better way to flaunt that freedom than with boots that are the epitome of individuality? These clunky, funky shoes always make a statement no matter how they’re styled, proving that any outfit is complete with these bad boys on your feet. No matter which style you choose—floral, snake skin or just plain classic—Dr. Martens add an unexpected twist to bring your ensemble to Fashionista level.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “You shouldn’t pay attention to what the fashion publications say is ‘in’ or ‘out.’ Wear whatever you think is cool and suits the attitude you’re going for. Nothing is off limits.”