Whenever I think of home my mind always goes to the rolling golden California hills, delicious food and of course the classic Journey number “When the lights go down in the city”. Any and all Bay area natives know the lyrics to this song by heart, whether you want to or not. When this Fashionista came to San Francisco from Cincinnati, Ohio this summer for a men’s fashion design internship I knew I had to capture her effortless and minimalist style in a shoot when “the sun shines on the Bay”. A beautiful Fashionista, great outfit and breathtaking view—couldn’t be more blog ready if it tried.

A trend predicted for spring 2015 was minimalism, and that prediction was right on the money both then and now as we hit peak summer. More and more people are finding style in ‘less is more’ and harnessing the power of the perfect basic T-shirt, solid dress and simple layers like the classic denim jacket. As a designer, this Fashionista says her style is all about the feel of her clothes and that the fabric can play just as an important role as the color or silhouette of a piece. Her outer-layer of choice is a perfect union between bargain and fashion- a dark wash denim jacket from Old Navy! Staple pieces like a jean jacket can become pricey quickly, so when you can find quality you like at a price you don’t cringe at- purchase and be merry. Underneath the jacket is this Fashionista’s latest retail therapy purchase, a mock-neck swing dress from Urban Outfitters. I love the rust color of this cotton and spandex blend dress, it has warm enough tones for summer but can transition easily into fall.

No matter the season this Fashionista prefers light and natural makeup in place of anything too heavy or distracting. Instead of glittery eye-shadow a smile lights up her face and accents her beautiful blue eyes with a layer of mascara. Delicate and understated jewelry is making a comeback in the trend world and goes perfectly with this Fashionista’s minimalist approach. Her simple silver ring adds a sweet and personal touch to her look but doesn’t distract.

Staying true to minimalism all the way to her toes this Fashionista rocks another bargain find—a pair of neutral cross strap sandals from Target. In my humble opinion, Target shoes are an unsung hero of any Fashionista’s closet with their on point designs and guilt free price tag. Viva Targét.

Here’s a sneak peak to next week: more rust color, denim jackets and San Francisco style with an article featuring a handsome Fashionisto! Let’s hear it for the boys!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “My style is classic comfort but relevant. While like to have subtle hints of trends, my advice is to make sure you are wearing YOUR clothes. Don’t dress like you’re trying too hard.”