STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: What Goes Around Comes Around

The world of fashion is constantly changing. Every season there are new trends evolving and let’s be honest, we are all battling for the title of trendsetter. When we are done with that must-have Anthropologie tank top and move to the next big thing, that tank top is sent into the Goodwill pile. What this Fashionista has learned is that one trendsetter’s trash is another trendsetter’s treasure.

It’s Fashionistas like this that I am jealous of. Why you may ask? They can look this fashion-forward and utter the words; “yeah I got all of this from Goodwill!” Thrifting is definitely a talent. It takes time and knowing how to dig for the right pieces to find clothes that will fit into your wardrobe and resemble pieces that are currently in stores. This Fashionista is doing it right from the outside in.

She starts off with a nice quality trench coat, a classic piece that you can’t go wrong with. Second she pulls in her own 1990s grunge style with a faded denim jacket to add warmth and personal style. The 1990s grunge look has definitely made its way back around the bend and this jacket picks up that message. As a basic layer she sticks with an army green T-shirt, which is a huge color for this winter and spring season. Adding the navy blue scarf she pulls her color palette together nicely.

This Fashionista does not just stop at the clothing when thrifting; she continues to personalize her look with vintage and out of the box accessories. Tying in the neutrals of her outfits her tan felt bowler hat tops off the look nicely. My favorite piece is her backpack, also found at Goodwill. It is a fun twist on how to tote around all the campus necessities and adds a pop of color to her outfit.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Thrifting can never go out of style. You can always find pieces that fit who you are and are a cheaper alternative to updating your style. It also appeals a lot more relaxed a chill which I like.”