From the old Hollywood glam dresses, to Taylor Swift’s go-to lip color, red has always been one of the most iconic colors in female fashion. Thanks to the spring 2015 fashion shows, red is no longer exclusive to females. A special earthy hue of red, named Marsala, is taking over male fashion this year.

This rich red-brown color is warm and easy to style. It has both the ability of making your outfit pop, as well as toning down a bright outfit. The color can be easily paired with other neutral items to make a mature and sophisticated statement. It is also a color that can complement almost all skin tones. Although the color red can be intimidating for some, it is actually a breeze to pair with other simple clothing items.

This Fashionisto shows you how you can make the color of the year work in your outfit. Instead of wearing a sweater that is completely covered in red, he chooses a sweater that has accents of the color. His speckled red sweater has hints of marsala on its collars and hems. He then pairs his statement sweater with a pair of light washed gray denim jeans to tone done the red. Last but not least, he throws on a classic watch and a pair of black sneakers with red detailing that match his top.

Are you ready to jazz up your outfit with some red? Try out the color of the year: marsala. You will be surprised how good you’ll look in red.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Keep it simple. There’s elegance in simplicity.”