STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Welcome to the Dark Side

When it comes to style, there are many factors that can make a look. Details, texture and silhouette are a few, but my favorite is color. Color can give off a vibe that can translate into feeling. Brights are fun, bold and exciting, while pink is feminine. Blue can be perceived as chill and relaxed and yellow as cheery. When it come to dark colors however, they tend to get a bad rep. Mysterious, sad, dreary or angry are words that might come to mind. But that rep is undeserved. Take this Fashionista for example, whose dark colored ensemble screams chic!

This stylish student pairs a black top with matching leggings. Because black is classic and goes with everything, her basic pieces create a foundation for endless style possibilities. Against her sleek dark ensemble, this dark green military jacket stands out and adds extra detail. Perfect for walking around campus on these chilly days, her jacket takes center stage against the dark background of her black basics! Another piece that refuses to blend in is her killer metallic boots. Although still dark in color, the metallic texture adds shine and interest to the ensemble. To finish off her look, our Fashionista rocks round sunnies and a black choker. Simple accessories add to the sophisticated style this student rocks so well.

Dark colors don’t have to be dreary. With statement pieces and confidence, they create a great go-to for any occasion. To get a similar look as this week’s Fashionista, pair this black top from Gap with your favorite pair of leggings. Then add these metallic boots from Nordstrom Rack and a PacSun military jacket for an ensemble as cool as the weather. Lastly, try adding black sunglasses for extra style points.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “You can’t go wrong with all black. Seriously, when in doubt, wear black and you’re guaranteed to look chic.”