The weekend is here, and that means so are overalls! Overalls are absolutely one of the best pieces of clothing to wear on the weekend. What’s a more perfect ensemble than something that is easy to put on and match with a simple top other than overalls? This amazing look is making me rethink adding a few overalls in my closet.

Summer vacation has finally started, which means so has dressing for the right occasion. This amazing Fashionista rocks a pair of black twill overalls. I love the simple yet loose overalls that give a peaceful vibe that sets a great start to the weekend. She wears a basic white flowy top from Forever 21 underneath that makes the overalls stand out.

This look is very fun and relaxing while still looking dressy. She manages to pair the outfit with a simple sandal from Gap giving the look a little summer kiss. Overall, this look is a great look for brunch with friends or can easily be thrown on at a moment’s notice for a spontaneous get-together.

What’s your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Style is like a personal diary where people can express their deepest thoughts and emotions. This world has over 10 billion people and each person has a different style. Style is a great way for people to reveal they’re true self and how they see the world, which is why fashion has a big role in our lives today.”