STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Wear A Three Dollar T-shirt

When I originally stopped this Fashionista, it was because of her incredibly cute outfit. The color of all her pieces complemented each other beautifully! I’m always impressed with girls that manage to look so effortlessly good even when the weather is HORRIBLE, like it was this day; it was so cold I was using my scarf as a makeshift ski mask! As I complimented this Fashionista on her look and asked her more about her outfit, she told me she got her shirt at Goodwill “for like three bucks!”. Now that is some smart shopping.

Thrifting– we have all done it. Marching through aisles of questionable smelling clothes with even more questionable stains. Finding a good piece is very much like finding a needle in a haystack, but when you do find a great piece, it is almost guaranteed to be a one of a kind and well worth the hunt.

I loved how this Fashionista managed to look so put together and well dressed in just a simple three dollar T-shirt. She dressed it up in the right way. The genius of her outfit was how well the pieces she chose flowed together because of the similarly toned palette of each clothing piece. She dressed up her simple thrifted item with the cutest statement necklace and cool pale pink leather jacket. Her forest green beanie completed her outfit, and helped keep her warm. I also admired her bravery on wearing a pair of cute tan heels when 80 percent of the sidewalks were coated in ice. Now that is commitment to an outfit.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Invest in a warm leather jacket. It doesn’t matter how cute your coat is, if it isn’t warm— you won’t wear it!”