STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Voguish Achromatic Layers

There is nothing like the cold, gusty winds that rush in from Lake Michigan and burn your skin as you walk from class to class in the snow. In many occasions, the cold weather discourages certain individuals from looking fashionable. For this Fashionisto, Lake Michigan’s cold winds did not seem to be a problem. By not wearing a heavy-duty coat, he proved this theory wrong and showed all of us that layers on layers can look excellent despite the cold weather.

This Fashionisto went for a fancy look that allowed for him to remain warm. Neutral colors were essential in this look, being that black, white, gray and brown will always look fabulous when paired with each other correctly. Instead of digging for a scarf, underneath it all, he used a white turtleneck from Topshop to keep his neck warm. On top of the white turtleneck, he wore a white cardigan that allowed for him to still remain warm indoors, once the dark gray coat came off. I liked that he was able to piece all of the neutral colors together so perfectly. Sometimes, book bags are a thing of the past and it is necessary to carry your classroom essentials in a bag. He used a brown and navy Fossil workbag to add a more professional look to his outfit. To finish off his outfit, he accessorized with a brown leather watch from Fossil. This look works great if you are attending class, going out with friends or attending a professional event.

Whether you live near Lake Michigan or live near a warm beach, just remember that it is always easy to look fashionable despite the weather conditions you find yourself in. Don’t be afraid to look different.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “At the end of the day, neutral colors can make you look like a total babe. They are perfect for multiple occasions and can really catch people’s attention.”