Vintage is a trend that will always exist no matter what year it is. Vintage pieces are timeless and easily wearable with many different looks. As you can see, this Fashionista has a vintage denim jacket on which she could easily pair with a variety of looks from her closet.

The word vintage can have many different meanings. It can be something your mom wore or had back when she was young or something that dates back decades ago. The best thing about vintage styles is they go with almost anything. I love mixing vintage pieces with my favorite items from today.

Our Fashionista has taken her vintage denim jacket, layered it on top of a chunky sweater and accessorized it with some small jewelry and a flannel wrapped around her waist. She is also wearing black skinny jeans paired with black booties. The denim jacket is a light wash, which means she could easily wear it year round. This vintage denim jacket adds some grunge to her look, which is so on trend right now! She definitely knows how to mix her vintage pieces into her everyday wardrobe.

When you go vintage shopping it is always so exciting because you never know what you are going to find! One day can be slim picking, and the next you have hit the jackpot. The beauty of vintage is how wearable it is for people of all ages. You will see women in their early ’20s and women in their late ’60s wearing their favorite vintage pieces. This is a trend that has been prominent for years and will continue to thrive for many to come. You can never go wrong with a classic item to spruce up your modern look!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Take a risk! Whether you wear vintage or not, throw something on in your closet that will add that extra flare to your outfit! Step outside of your comfort zone and try something you don’t usually wear.”