Summer is filled with tank tops and crop tops, but sometimes you just have to change it up. With summer slowly ending it’s time to pull out your best look before the cool breeze of fall takes over. Whip out some retro-inspired looks to transport you back in time and maybe summer will never end.

You can never go wrong with your favorite pair of high-waisted shorts, but change it up by swapping out flip flops with some sneakers and wear a vintage inspired shirt. If you don’t have many retro looking shirts, try a T-shirt. You can grab an old shirt and simply splatter some bleach or put a few holes in it for that vintage feel. Another great place to find some old T-shirts is a consignment shop—and they will be dirt cheap!

If you just want to stick to your crop top look you can still wear high-waisted shorts. Find a button-down shirt and button it half way down and then tie the two ends together. The finishing touch is adding your cherry red lips! The lips make the difference and really transport the look from casual to fun and retro. Any red lip will do from a deeper shade to the brightest neon.

This Fashionista is killing the look. She is wearing her high-waisted shorts and vintage Vans T-shirt along with a chambray shirt and some sneakers. Even her sunnies scream vintage. My personal favorite part is her red lips and long hair.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I love these shorts! I make sure to buy them a little bigger to play into that retro feel. Also don’t be afraid to skip out and buy that drugstore lipstick. I love mine and it lasts all day.”