STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Vintage Summer Revival

We’ve all had moments when we’re walking through a museum being mesmerized by the art surrounding us or when flipping pages filled with luxury gowns; it feels like the fine art is unreachable. However, what happens when art and fashion are combined at an affordable price? Well, the answer was found within the pop artist, Keith Haring, who not only broke boundaries within the art scene, but since the ’80s has been killing it in the fashion world ever since. Haring’s art has been found on the runway with famous designers like Jeremy Scott, and even at fast fashion retail stores.

When dreaming about summer, nothing screams summer more than a novelty vintage T-shirt. Hunting for these treasures creates a memory not only for the Fashionista searching, but also gives the history of the piece an opportunity to live and creates a beautiful marriage between designer and retro. This Fashionisto agreed that when it came to his summer style, it was all about practicability and comfort. This Fashionisto’s high-waisted denim in a black wash makes the focus on the main attraction: his T-shirt.

This vintage Keith Haring find has not only a simple pop of art, but the bright colors make the eye go straight to the graphic on his chest. The Fashionisto’s look has the perfect amount of retro, but it’s amplified into a more contemporary fashion. What brings this outfit into a revival are the designer Comme des Garçons Converse shoes. The subtle pop art on the side gives a simple, modern feel to this casual look. The Fashionisto then completes the outfit with a baseball cap that is perfect for summer.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “ My advice for buying vintage is to be patient and thorough. Sure—there are plenty of vintage specialty stories in L.A. that curate their selection, but you’ll always find more gems and a better deal going through your local Goodwill or swamp meets. The Rose Bowl swamp meet (in Pasadena, California) is probably one of the best places to find affordable vintage.”