May 12th, 2015 at 2:10am

The semester is officially over and the campus is almost empty. There are still some students moving out, some moving in for summer classes and some preparing to go off on a study abroad trip. Having said that, Boston is having some amazing weather, and it is officially time to get the shorts and the sundresses out as the temperature slowly rises.

This Fashionista takes advantage of the warm weather as she decided to wear a fun white and turquoise dress. The flower details in her dress represents the relaxed and playful vibe of spring. Choosing the perfect sundress may be hard but as this Fashionista recommends, look for something bright and colorful just like spring. Therefore, don’t be afraid of taking a risk with wearing a bold color like this Fashionista since spring and summer are meant exactly for exploring and experimenting.

She accessorized by adding a beautiful gold and baby purple necklace with two simple gold bracelets. Keeping accessories simple can at times be a bigger statement than wearing a lot, as seen in this Fashionista. In particular, her brown leather purse is very captivating as it contrasts against her sundress. Her purse gives her a very vintage look to the overall outfit as it is cute, classy and comfortable. She finished the ensemble by wearing on a pair of nude Steve Madden heels.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Wear bright, bold and colorful clothes in the spring. It will not only brighten your day, but also everyone who sees you.”